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Born in Venice Eleonora Rossin started to study the Piano and Organ with her father concertmaster violinist, initially conducting the piano studio as a privatist. After the lower  piano completion achieved with the highest marks and mention at the Conservatory "A.Vivaldi" in Alessandria, she continues piano studies combined with singing and composition studios as an internal student, and she graduating with honor in 1996 in Piano and Opera singing,  in 1997/98 in Composition Management-Conductor and Music Teaching at the Conservatory of Music "G. Verdi" in Turin.

 In 1999/2001 she graduated in Classical Literature at the Faculty of Humanities in Turin and she specializes in Psychology and Music Therapy.

Finalist at the Young Masters Stage of Genova, since 1996 she works in the theater as pianist, collaborating with leading opera seasons (Teatro La Spezia, Ariston in Sanremo, Teatro di Pisa, Firenze, Arena of Verona, Teatro Lirico di Treviso, Carlo Felice in Genova).

She's working from 1996 as soloist pianist-singer and in collaboration with prestigious orchestras (ORP, ORT, Moldav Sinfoniken, RAI Orchestra Salszburg) with positive consent of public - critical.

Winner of several National competitions in Italy as solist, duo-trio ensemble with piano (Stresa, Albenga, S.Bartolomeo, Racconigi, Toronto).

In 1997 she follows courses of Advanced Piano Chamber music with High Teachers (Claudio Arrau, Marian Mika, Mario Delli Ponti, Maria Tipo).

She perfected in Harpsichord with famous Frenchman Marie-Claire Alain on J.S.Bach repertor.

 In Singing repertory she studied with Lucia Valentini Terrani, with which she debuts in 1996 in Offenbach protagonist of "La Grande-duchesse de Gérolstein" to the Festival Valle d'Itria of Martina Franca.

In the same year, she received a scholarship from the Italian Culture Department and she decides to attend the High Music School in Los Angeles. She improve the lyric repertoire with the famous soprano Shirley Verrett and tackling many leading roles in:

Trovatore, Sanson et Dalila, Carmen, Les comtes of Hofmann, Cavalleria Rusticana, Gioconda.

She collaborated on projects of the Theatre La Fenice in Venezia, under the musical direction of the famous Director M° Giuseppe Sinopoli (Season 1996/1997) and debuting in Rigoletto (Maddalena replacement Opera concert).

She worked with M° Zubin Mehta and M° Peter Maag at the National Theatre in Praga, year 2000, in "Les Comtes d'Hofmann" by J. Offenbach and Aida.

 The curiosity to explore new generis of Musicals and Jazz leds the artist to work in the year 2002 with the famous David Brubeck Quartet jazz as a vocal Singer and imposing as main singer for two seasons.

In 2007 she attended the biennial Canto Lideristico at the Mozarteum in Salzburg under the guidance of Barbara Bonney.

In the same year she made her debut at the National Theatre of Praga in the roles of:

Amneris in "Aida," Lola in "Cavalleria Rusticana."

In 2008 she debuts in "Gioconda" and "Carmen" in the National Theatre in Oslo, Opera theatre Copenhagen and Royal Dramatic Theatre Stockholm, in the same time she was selected for the London tour as protagonist in "The Phantom of the opera" and "Cats" at the New London Theatre.

At the same time she cultivates the passion for Comedy Venetian studying with Maria Dolfin, daughter of the famous soprano Toti dal Monte and she created a light musical Orchestre with which she gones around in Italy and France, increasing her culture about popular and pop music, arranging and recording in 2013 a cd with famous 70's successes (Eleonora in cover)

In 2009 she leaves the Lyrical scenes starting to cooperate with German Independent Labels, composing Dark-Music and Liric Ambience reaching international audiences. The best digital music channels hold her in hit parade for several months, with Madness.

In 2012 Eleonora got back to the Lyric with Didone and Enea by E. Purcell, whose a famous director Renzo Degrassi involved she in a videoclip of the aria "When I'm laid in the earth", and Cavalleria Rusticana by P. Mascagni. However the theater critic unforgive the artist for her abandonment of the Lyrical scenes to follow her music- progressiv productions and despite the appreciations of her interpretation, for Eleonora Rossin this experience remains a painful stay.

  In 2013 she creates a big project on memory of the French singer Edit Piaf, arranging the most famous successes for duet Voice-Guitar and working in a recital dedicated to Edith Piaf at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, where she recorded a live CD (2017) distributed by Musique de France label with a bibliography dedicated to Edith Piaf.


She recorded in 2001 for the Sony Record of Barcelona, Classic Music by Liszt, Chopin, Debussy (Musica para siempre).

 In 2010 she achieved the charts as the best composer liric-progressiv on Itunes International and others 400 Sight Music Channels Distributed producing with GBH German Indipendent Musike, several CD of her own compositions. The first of them entitled "MADNESS", receiving wide acclaim from critics and online sales in four countries in the world. With MadnessEleonora Rossin was compared to Diamanda Galas, for her Dark-ambient liric style. The Digital ranking has repeatedly reviewed it as "The best Progressive style Lounge Music composition".

At first she used the pseudonym Eleonora Ceretti, after replaced with the original name of the artist.

 In 2012 she composed Thought in my silence for director score of "Universal Word", a short film directed by Abel Ferrara Bryan and which won as best soundtrack in Berlin Cinefestival 2013. 

The same time, always in collaboration with Inde German Label, Eleonora Rossin remains in international rankings iTunes, Spotify and Shazam with hear new Album TAKE ME MY SOUL, in which the artist exhibits in a videoclip that has been praised by Brazilian record and that allows to expand her image beyond the musical talent. The same album still holds the largest number of plays and sales on Digital Channels Music, although' as a result of a hacker attack (2013) on Google account Eleonora Rossin, that compromised several sales channels and Youtube, even Wikipedia Profile of the artist; only some of them restored (2014).

 Others successes in 2014 with the album  ALIVE and SILENZI (single). In 2016 some of the best Japanese radio bought her Album (Alive and Madness) enjoying success of plays and requiring further works by the Venetian composer and inclusing the Italian artist on the charts Composer in Asiatic Soundtracks, until today. In Alive album, the Italian artist composed pieces for solo piano and interpreted RAIN and ORIZZONTI, on sale in the shop musical scores. For the first time she  interacts with her long Hindu spiritual Shintoista path, which has influenced all her artistic choices, recording with the German singer Deva Premal the mantra Kirtan Aum Mani Padme Aum  .

The Inde Record german Label considers Eleonora Rossin one of the greatest exponents of the Dark Music Progressiv.

She continues her career as Composer and Author, as Vocal-coach and Piano Teacher. Her Music&Art School operates in Italy, France, Spain and the USA.

Eleonora Rossin is in demand for national and international Masterclass, for the method of singing, piano and musictherapy. Researcher and J.S.Bach Interpreter that she performs on harpsichord, piano and organ, in 2016 she was proposed as best Italian Piano Teaching from American Council of Piano and cooperates with National University (Yokohama-Washington-Tucson).

 In 2016/2017 the Italian artist as Composer in Japan has partecipated to the Jazz Music Festival International Montreal-Quebec with consent of French and American critics.

She cooperates with Anime Soundtracks of Mahmoru Oshii that choose her triler intitled Nogaku as triler for the  Japan Globe 2015/2016, and her music sound is requested in Asiatic Cine&Advertising.


From 1996 year, she starts her teaching in Conservatory and Music Schools in Piano, Singing lyrical-modern (vocal coach), Music Therapy and advanced courses. 

From 2008 she has been enabled from Miur (Ministry of Education) in Piano Teaching, Singing, Didactic music and Composition Teaching for Musical Lyceum-AFAM (High Musical Education) and included in the national rankings Teaching.

She is considered one of the best experts in MusicTherapy, specially in the cognitive development of deaf-mute and autistic childrens. She graduated in Estill Voice Training to Mary McDonald Klimek Institute in Tucson (Arizone), 2013 and she teaches this method in renowned masterclass.
In 2007 with Prof. Jean Demous (Parisian teacher and musicologist), she has designed and managed "specialized courses pre-birth" with the evolution of hearing sound from the womb to birth.
That same year she collaborated with the University of Turin (Sports Science), University of Firenze  with Music Therapy courses in managing childhood.
In september 2010 in Torino (Italy) she opens her Academy  Music's School "MUSIC &ART" idealized in the American style, of which she is unique Holder President and Owner. This Academy opened others locations in Europe and USA cooperating with several Musicals Events and Conferences about Singing-Piano in National University (Tucson, Yokohama, Washington).

Her thought is:

"Studying music and every instrument is always a spiritual commitment, it's not enough the technique because the secrets of music lives in the Soul, and everything is in it discoverable.
The music is high spirituality and here begins the real teaching, over the critical and applauses. You can like to others or to be excluded but you must leave a different mark by others".

As the coach she has prepared many youth at the stages, in lyrical and modern repertoire but qualifying them among the best talents in the finals TV contests (X-Factor, Amici, Talents).

Her Musical Academy'a called Music&Art.






2009: Album MADNESS (Gbh Berlin)

2012: Album TAKE ME MY SOUL (Gbh Berlin Music), in vendita nelle migliori reti di musica digitale.

2012: Album ELEONORA IN COVER (arrangements by E.Rossin)

2013: Background THOUGHT IN MY SILENCE (winner CineFestival Berlin 2013)

2014: Album ALIVE (Gbh Berlin music)

2015: Single SILENZI for Berlin CineFestival 2015.

2017: Album ELEONORA ROSSIN JE CHANTE EDITH PIAF (Ed.Musique de France)


Literary Papery-ebook  2009: OLTRE L'ARCOBALENO, distributed by Sevilla edition (Spain). 

Literary Papery-eBook 2013LA MUSICOTERAPIA NELLA MENTE E NEL CORPO, distributed by Feltrinelli, Rizzoli, Mondadori, Unilibro like PaperyBook Edition and from 2016 on sale in American AppleStore (Ebook) and 51 Stores in the world in Italian language.

Next Works 2016-2017: in working.